Who are we?

Veganism is not a game.

But we're makin' a few.

This Is Not A Game Ltd. was founded by Rory, an activist and ethical vegan who (contrary to expectations) enjoys not taking everything too seriously all of the time.

After a few years in the movement, Rory came to believe that we as vegans and activists need to have better ways of telling our story.

We're often inaccessible, unrelatable, and (often rightfully) angry.

Communicating vegan philosophy is difficult at the best of times.

That's why our games (and not-games) here at This Is Not A Game Ltd. are developed to help you broach difficult topics in easy ways.

Rory's partner, Issy, liked the idea enough that she came on board as Head of People (the only other person being, of course, Rory).

Rory's dad, Evan, is a professional printer (not the HP kind, unfortunately) and his brother, Jonah, is a marketer. Think of them as nepotistic consultants.

If you like what we do, we'd love you to share this idea - leave us a Google Review, perhaps even send us a Christmas card.

This doesn't always pay the bills (in fact, it never does), and we put in a lot more than we get out, so your appreciation is compensation enough.

(Although we'd also like your money, if possible.)

Share it with your friends and family, and maybe one day, when we're ready, you can buy an actual game off us.

Oh, but sign up to our mailing list and follow our Instagram, as that's where we'll be launching our Kickstarter campaign soon.

Stay tuned!